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Commercial Architecture



CP&Y was approached by RMR Properties to develop a design for their tenant, the Waco Regional Veterans Administration Offices, located at 600 Clay Street in Waco. The parking needs for visitors and employees exceeded the available space, therefore a new parking garage structure was proposed to meet current and future parking needs

Working in conjuction with HWA Parking Consultants, CP&Y established the optimal location for the structure on the site and developed renderings based on schematic parking garage layouts by HWA Parking. As speed and cost of construction will be important aspects of the project, precast concrete was selected due to the availability of local suppliers in the area. Since the project is located within the downtown corridor overlay district, the building facade as well as landscaping and streetscaping enhance the building aesthetics for a more pedestrian friendly experience. Capacity of the structure is 563 cars with an estimated cost of construction at $5.7 M.