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Education Architecture



CP&Y was selected by China Spring ISD, to assist the district in identifying and prioritizing additions within the school district. As part of the study, all existing campuses were studied, with the intent of determining suitability for expansion, renovations and/or potential new campuses to be constructed within the district.

The intermediate school (currently elementary) was one of the major improvements identified as part of district wide improvements. The school was designed to meet the needs of one of the fastest growing age groups within the district, and was conceived as an addition to the existing elementary school. This approach enabled the district to share a kitchen and other common spaces between the two schools (such as offices, cafetorium, library, computer lab, etc.). The sharing of common core functions saved the district money by eliminating duplication of functions on a shared campus. Designed for future expansion, each educational wing can be added onto, allowing the school to grow as enrollment increases within the district. Services provided included, master planning, schematic design, bond support, construction documents and construction administration.