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Education Architecture



This academy was made possible by a strong partnership between school districts, the local business community, goal driven students and supportive parents. CP&Y joined the community effort with other professional and industrial businesses and provided Architecture and Engineering services during the start-up phase of the much needed Greater Waco Advanced Manufacturing Academy. Within the Waco area job market the demand for welders is high. The Academy provides students with the opportunity to leave with a Level I Welders Certification upon graduation, making them immediately employable by a number of businesses in the Waco area.

The Academy provides programs in Welding, Robotics, and Machining to students from a number of school districts across McLennan County. The initial phase repurposed a former elementary school within the district. Several classrooms were reconfigured to meet the needs of the curriculum; locker rooms were created from a former classroom, and a former PE building was transformed into a Welding Lab. We also provided design services for the second phase which adds additional capacity to the program. In the second phase of the project a larger free-standing welding/machining lab was designed and constructed for first year students, and additional classrooms received updated finishes for an expanding student body.