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Master Planning services for the campus relocation of St. William Catholic Church resulted in the design and construction of a new 1,500 seat Sanctuary building, an Administrative Office and Parish Activities Center, a Religious Education facility, and the replication of the original church to serve as a chapel.

The church set the tone for the architecture of the new campus. The parish desired Mission style architecture with Mediterranean and Southwest influences to include a cruciform plan, a dome, and bell towers. The exterior is comprised of limestone, stucco, and cast stone ornamentation. The interior provides a lofty barrel vault nave terminating into the underside of the dome, historic stain glass windows, and hand-crafted mural artwork to embellish architectural details. The end result was accomplished through multiple design solutions incorporating digital renderings and animations to communicate ideas with the building committee.

Church Animation
3d animation of exterior and interior space was an invaluable tool for the building committee to understand and collaborate in the design process. This animation is an example of our work over 10 years ago in 2004. Since this time technology has improved considerably.

CP&Y is dedicated to using this approach to communicate ideas clearly and effectively to engage our consultants and client in the design process, and also aid in the development of a fundraising package.

Music courtesy of Fr. Joel who was the Priest at the time of this project.