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The original project scope given to CP&Y by Brazos River Authority was to replace rotting exterior wood windows around the boardroom and break room to aluminum windows while still keeping with the original design of the building. The discovery of mold by our firm on the exterior walls increased the scope to a full investigation to identify and correct the mold growth issues. It was further discovered that there was a serious termite problem which required the removal and replacement of all exterior sheathing within the wall cavity, therefore all of the masonry had to be removed and replaced.

In the course of 9 months, the existing masonry was removed, existing sheathing replaced utilizing correct flashing systems, all exterior windows replaced and correctly flashed, HVAC systems cleaned and modified to provide positive pressure and reduce humidity, and exterior site drainage improvements including new underground storm water systems to allow ground water to drain away from the structure and landscaping.

CP&Y provided details and solutions to remediate the moisture infiltration problems affecting the building and worked closely with the Brazos River Authority and contractor to provide construction on a very tight timeline. This renovation was a success while keeping the owner in operation using strategic planning of phases and close coordination between contractor and owner through weekly job site meetings.