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Repairs to Fidel & Andrea R. Villarreal & South Elementary Schools


Two identical school campuses in Zapata were infested with bats above the ceilings due to poor construction and numerous voids throughout the exterior building envelope. CP&Y utilized building evaluation reports, mold remediation protocol developed by Air Intellect and onsite review of the building conditions to develop a design for the required repairs. The major issues included a lack of an air barrier between interior and exterior spaces and insufficient HVAC which placed the building under negative air pressure. The repairs include replacement of flashings, gutters, and downspouts, removal and replacement of top courses of masonry to properly seal the building envelope, adding metal soffit ceilings, and adding three additional air-conditioning units per campus provide positive air pressure for the buildings.

This project had a very small window for success. CP&Y was selected in April with only a few weeks to complete the design drawings which were issued on May 2nd. The low bid contractor mobilized on-site June 2nd to begin mold remediation of bat guano. CP&Y remained in close communication with the owner and contractor throughout the construction and remediation process by providing weekly job visits and processing submittals and contractor’s request for information within hours instead of days. The remediation and construction repairs were successfully completed for the two school campuses totaling over 130,000 SF in 3 months (summer break) which allowed for school to open for the fall semester on time.